Letter From Ann Hunter-Welborn

Thank you for viewing our second annual corporate social responsibility report. 2013 was a very eventful year on the sustainability front and we are excited to share it with you. As expected, we have experienced some successes and discovered some new challenges.

Our successes include a rebuilt parking lot covered by an array of 256 solar panels which includes 4 electric charging stations. This powers one of our manufacturing facilities. Our habitat restoration on campus is going into its first unirrigated summer and it’s spectacularly native. We built two new buildings – Mexico Plant #2 next to Plan #1 incorporating even better sustainability features as Plant #1, and a LEED certified engineering building, a remodel actually, which facilitated the co-locations of all our engineers.

As a family-owned company, we feel a deep commitment to improve the quality of life of our employees and their families. Further, our business affects thousands of other families –, those of our customers, and those who depend on the environments created by our products. Our commitment to sustainability strengthens the quality of life of everyone.

We are proud of our numerous community involvements. I am especially proud of our commitment to the Colorado River Delta. The Colorado is an iconic American river and all of us in its basin live downstream of it. It’s in all of our best interest to preserve and protect, and ultimately restore it to its former beauty, grace and power.

On the product front we earned qualification for the EPA WaterSense Label for AC power controllers with Solar Sync.

Our employees have continued their commitment to healthy living. There is more activity than ever in the wellness center, our on campus fully equipped gym.

Water use on campus continue to be one of our major challenges. We performed a professional audit of our entire irrigation system and we now of concrete objective information on what we use and how we use it. We hope to makes changes to demonstrate new best practices to share with our customers. In spite our usage increased slightly in 2013 our goal remains to reduce our water use by 25%.

We have just finished a series of stakeholder engagement focused groups we have found our employees and customers alike are very supportive of our sustainability efforts, and understand the importance of actions by all of us to reduce our impacts on the planet. I personally am heartened by this news and look forward to more and more visible projects which positively affect the 3Ps (PEOPLE, PLANET, PROFIT).

Thank you again for your interest and, as ever, we would love to hear your thoughts.

Ann Hunter-Welborn
Chair of the Board