Letter From Greg Hunter

What a great year it has been at Hunter Industries. If you are reading this report, you are likely a fan of Hunter Industries and want to see us win. In the area of corporate social responsibility, this report shares some of the ways we won in 2013 and some of our goals for winning in the future. This report allows us to have focused conversation about corporate responsibility and sustainability internally and with those outside our organization. We are proud to have this second installment which highlights some of the progress we have made toward our goals and some of the areas we have identified for improvement.

Part of being a good corporate citizen involves doing business in a sustainable way. Because our business and products are dependent on water and electricity to create beneficial outdoor spaces, efficient resource use is fundamental to our success. Externally, this is evident in our products, and is highlighted by the fact that in 2013, the Hunter SolarSync™ achieved EPA WaterSense® labeling when paired with an AC powered Hunter irrigation controller.

Sustainability has always been a big part of who we are internally as well. This culture is evident in our manufacturing practices, product design, internal programs, and support for our community.

Hunter Mexico is included in this year’s report and is essential to fully understand our sustainability impacts. New challenges and opportunities did arise by including Mexico operations in our metrics, and we are motivated to create innovative solutions to address them.

Some of our targets moving forward include:

  • Achieving 90% diversion from the landfill by 2017
  • Increasing the recycled content in our products to 7% by 2017
  • Achieving a carbon intensity of .21 CO23/build dollar by 2020

As you will see in this report, we have much to do to reach these goals; however, we believe they are attainable. If you keep watching, you will see us win.

Greg Hunter