Mexico Operations

In March 2004, Hunter opened a 130,000 square foot plant in Tijuana, Mexico as part of its Global Manufacturing Strategy. The plant builds irrigation equipment. Our Mexico operations are housed in state of the art facilities and benefits from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).  The facility is 70 miles south of our San Marcos headquarters, which allows for close collaboration between teams.  There are nearly 600 employees at the Mexico facility.

In January 2014, a second 160,000 square foot plant was added to our Mexico operations.  It accommodates FX Luminaire and Custom Molding, doubling Mexico’s manufacturing capacity. The building’s design includes environmental initiatives such as daylight harvesting and its own grey-water recycling system.


The building was designed making sure that as we grow it’s done in a responsible way.

JUAN CARLOS RAMIREZDirector of Mexico Operations

As production evolves, FX Luminaire and Custom Molding will continue to gain efficiencies because of economies of scale and the transferring of knowledge and skills through cross pollination between the businesses segments.

Building the new plant on schedule and under budget was a major achievement with many different people interacting closely to make it happen. It is a clear example of how the right alignment can deliver excellent results.

JUAN CARLOS RAMIREZ Director of Mexico Operations

Hunter Industries Mexico achieved ISO 9001-2008 certification in May 2011. Since then, the focus has been on improving the quality, delivery and manufacturing costs of products.

Hunter Industries Sprinkler Manufacturing Facility
Mexico Plant #1