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Below is a chart indicating the maximum wire runs that can be used when installing Hunter AC solenoids and valves.


MANUAL OPERATION will allow you to turn on the following without changing any of the automatic settings.

Existing program (A, B or C) - This allows you to turn on a program that has set run times and stations automatically programmed.

Single station - This will allow you to turn on any single zone from 1 second to 12 hours.

All stations - This will allow you to turn all station on one after another for a chosen run time.


A schedule (program) needs 3 things for the controller to run automatically.

  • START TIME for the program.
  • RUN TIME for at least one station in that program.
  • DAY TO WATER for the program.

The NODE-BT controller has three programs (A, B, or C) for irrigation available.  Hunter controllers have multiple programs and the ability for each program to have multiple start times.

As an example, if you want to run separate stations (or zones) on different days, you would set up 2 different programs.


The DASHBOARD screen provides an overview of the programming within the app.  


Download the free Hunter NODE-BT app to a smartphone device from the iTunes® Store for iOS® devices, or the Google Play™ store for Android™ devices.


CONTROLLER SETTINGS offers more advance features.


Here is a list of the error codes and ways to troubleshoot them:


The X2 Controller is compatible with Hunter Remote Controls (not included). The SmartPort® wiring harness (included with all Hunter Remotes) allows for fast and easy use of the Hunter controls. The Hunter remotes make it possible for you to operate the system without having to walk back and forth to the controller.

To install the SmartPort connector


A Hunter CLIK sensor or closed circuit type weather sensors can be connected to the X2. The purpose of this sensor is to stop automatic watering when weather conditions dictate.