The NODE-BT controller offers an easy way to check the battery health of the actual controller without the use of a smartphone.

Press the physical BATTERY CHECK BUTTON on NODE-BT controller and the battery indicator LED flashes green or red.

4 green blinks = 100% - 76% Excellent

3 green blinks = 75% - 51% Good

2 green blinks = 50% - 31% Low

1 green blink = 30 – 20% Poor

1 red blink = 0% - 19% (Replace 9V alkaline batteries)






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You can access reports for your controllers by selecting REPORTS at the bottom for the mobile version.  Use the settings on the report tab to the right of the screen to change the following:

  • Change the range of the report
  • Clear all report data
  • Refresh a report
  • View all report data


In this section, you will be able to view and change configuration that includes controller settings, internet settings, regional settings, valve delays, and weather stations options.

To adjust the water triggers, follow the steps below:


Hydrawise uses local, real-time weather forecasting and the most accurate weather stations
available to fine-tune your irrigation system to current conditions. Water triggers are the settings in your Hydrawise software that can be adjusted based on your watering requirements.  When a trigger met the adjusted threshold, it will make the change in the software to either adjust watering schedule or cancel watering.

To adjust the water triggers, follow the steps below:


A Hunter MINI-CLIK®, FREEZE-CLIK®, or RAIN-CLIK™ sensor can be connected to your X2 controller.


The program(s) should already be configured after you finish the setup wizard, but you may want to adjust your run times, start times, or water days later.

The X2 Standard Mode programming allows you to create traditional irrigation programs using Programs A, B, and C — just like Hunter X-Core® or Pro-C® controllers. This mode offers less flexibility than Hydrawise Advanced Mode. Key features include:


You can run an irrigation zone on demand from from your web browser or from your Hydrawise app.  For manual operation, read this article.

Please view the steps and screenshots to access this feature:


Register for an account online

If you have not done so already, we recommend creating an account using the Centralus login page.

The A2C controller uses two different types on communication devices, a WiFi module or a Local Area Network (LAN) connection. For more information on the connecting the A2C controller to the Centralus software, please follow the steps in the articles listed below.