Commercial Controller Configurator

Commercial Controller Configurator

Eliminates the guesswork & improves your bottom line

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The Hunter Commercial Controller Configurator is designed specifically with the professional in mind to help you build a list of materials for your projects. This free tool allows you to export your material list to Microsoft Excel to add to a plan or place an order.

  • Save time and increase your profitability

    Hunter built this tool to increase project specification accuracy and reduce time spent on product research. The proper rules are built in to ensure the options you select are compatible and can be properly ordered and installed.

  • Quick & easy setup

    Start by deciding which system is best for you – Hunter’s flagship ACC controller, the versatile I-Core controller, or the IMMS central control system. Easy-to-understand questions guide you through the setup process.

  • Customize your materials list

    It’s easy to save and share your work. Download to Microsoft Excel or enter an email address. The IMMS Site Configurator also offers you the option to view your materials list grouped by controllers or as a compressed list.



    The IMMS Site Configurator helps you build a list of materials for any one site, including enclosure configurations, station type and count, and required communications options and accessories. This tool also gives you detailed technical notes unique to your specifications.

    IMMS may manage up to 10,000 ACC controllers, divided into a maximum of 100 sites. Configure one site at a time and save each bill of materials by exporting the list into Microsoft Excel using the built-in download button. Combine each worksheet in Excel and together they will specify the entire system.

    IMMS Site Configurator


    Configuring an ACC controller is a breeze using this tool. Take the guesswork out of specifying compatible accessories and save time without having to look up product numbers. The ACC Configurator does the work for you.

    You can configure each individual ACC within an IMMS system for total customization, or you can build a standalone controller. Start by giving your controller a name and selecting your wiring type. The easy-to-understand questions will guide you through the setup process. Using the built-in download button, you can easily save your bill of materials to Microsoft Excel or email the list to anyone on your team.

    ACC Configurator


    Utilizing this tool’s streamlined process, the I-Core has never been so easy to spec out. The I-Core Configurator asks you all the right questions so you don’t miss a thing.

    Let the configurator determine the product SKUs while you stay focused on the site. This tool also gives you detailed technical notes unique to your specifications. Save and share your configuration using the built-in download button, or use the send email button to quickly email your materials list to anyone on your team.

    I-Core Configurator


    The configurator results are best estimates by a software utility program and should not be accepted without review by a qualified technical specialist. Hunter is not responsible for design and purchasing errors, and advises qualified human review of the results before finalizing designs or purchase orders.