Pro-c - Upgrading to Wi-Fi

The PRO-C model controller must be the NEWER 400 version with a date code of MARCH 2014 or newer.  This date code is written on the white sticker inside the wiring compartment. Ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi connectivity can be tested on the HPC panel itself (signal strength is shown when you select a wireless network).  If you have any issues connecting the controller to the router, please verify all Wi-Fi specifications here.

PC-400 (Blue Buttons) Compatible PC-300 (Green Buttons) Not Compatible
pc400_image.jpg pc300_image.png

NOTE: The compatible ribbon design in this panel should have two rows of pins.  The single row of pins would also indicate a panel that is not compatible. 

Remove Pro-C Face Panel

  1. Turn the power off using the slide bar inside the wiring compartment.
  2. Remove ribbon cable.
  3. Press down on the white hinge release button.
  4. Remove face panel.

Install HPC-FP Face Panel

  1. Press blue hinges together and attach a new HPC panel.
  2. Reconnect ribbon cable.
  3. Close and turn the power on.


For information on the complete setup in the application, please visit our USING THE APP support section.


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