Centralus ICC2 - Permissions

The PERMISSIONS tab will allow a user to share their controller with a few simple steps. If necessary, the user can delete a controller in this section as well.

Step 1

Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. From the CONTROLLER LIST tab, select an ICC2 Controller model.

Step 2

Select the PERMISSIONS tab.

Step 3


Step 4

Enter the USER EMAIL. The User will receive an email notification to add your controller to their Centralus account. The status will remain as WAITING FOR APPROVAL.

Step 5

The new user will need to ACCEPT INVITATION.

Step 6

The controller is now shared with the user and the status will appear as ACCEPTED INVITATION.

Step 7

If necessary, the controller can be deleted. Select DELETE under ADVANCED ACTIONS. Warning: This will completely remove this controller (ICC2 Controller) from your Centralus account. Any users linked to this controller will also lose access to it.

Step 8

Confirm the deletion of the controller by selecting, DELETE DEVICE.

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