Centralus - Billing History/Invoices

The BILLING HISTORY will show the event (invoice paid) that is a sum of all controllers for that specific date with an amount. Use the steps below to access your billing history and invoices.


Sign in to your CENTRALUS ACCOUNT. Click on the MENU icon ().


Under the Menu Tabs, select the tab Manage Subscriptions.


From the ZipIt portal, select Billing History and choose an Invoice to view.


Click the blue Invoice button. This will display the invoice details in the following form of a HTML tab. There is no export function from here, so you will have to take a screenshot and save it.


At the top right of the Billing History page above, when all the invoices are listed, there is an Export button. This offers the option of exporting the details of the whole list into Excel format or as a CSV file (for use with other formats). It will prompt you to save, like any other file save operation, so you can rename it and choose a destination.

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