P2C - Hidden Features

Feature Where Found Description
Sensor Override
Hold – and turn to Start Times Sets individual stations to ignore sensor shutdowns. Select stations with ◄ or ►, then use
+/– to change to Off to ignore the sensor.
Cycle and Soak Hold + and turn to Run Times; enter
Cycle and press PRG to set Soak
Sets max time a station can run at once and minimum time it must wait before another
cycle. Divides run time into segments to prevent runoff.
Delay Between
Hold – and turn to Run Times Inserts a delay (seconds or minutes) between stations in a run time for slow valves or
recharging tanks.
Hide Programs Hold – and turn to Water Days Use +/– to change from 4 to 1 to hide extra programs. 1 will show only Program A, start
time 1. 4 will show all programs (A, B, C) and 4 start times per program.
Solar Sync Delay Hold + and turn to Solar Sync Sets number of days before the Solar Sync Sensor begins adjusting run times. Allows
landscape establishment for a set period of days before the sensor begins adjusting
Clik Delay Hold + and turn to Off Set number of days for watering to remain off after sensor has been activated and
Total Run Time Turn to Run Times; press ◄ when station
1 is shown and PRG to select other
Calculates and displays the total of all run times in a program start time.
Test Program Hold PRG 3 seconds Runs all stations in the controller for the time entered for test or diagnostic purposes.
Easy Retrieve®
Hold + and PRG to Save
Hold – and PRG to Restore
Saves all program information to restore at a later time.
Total Reset Press PRG and Reset button Erases all watering information.
Quick Check™
+, –, ◄, ► together, then + Checks all stations for wiring problems.
Run Program Hold ►, PRG to select Runs all stations in selected program; use ► to advance to next station.
Seconds Mode
Run Times
Hold + and turn to Start Times Optional Seconds Mode allows for seconds of Run Time resolution, up to 5 minutes.
Press + and - buttons to toggle between Seconds and Minutes Modes.


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