Pro-C - One Touch Manual Start and Advance

You can also activate a program to water without using the dial.

  1. With the dial in the RUN position, hold down the   button for 2 seconds.
  2. This feature automatically defaults to program A. You can select program B, or C by pressing the PRG program.
  3. The station number will be flashing. Quickly press the   and   button to scroll through the stations and use the    and   buttons to adjust the station run times. (If no buttons are pressed during step 2 or 3, the controller will automatically begin program A.)
  4. Press the   button to scroll to the station you wish to begin with. After a 2 second pause, the program will begin. When the station is running you will see a flashing on the display.

This feature is great for a quick cycle when extra watering is needed or if you would like to scroll through the stations to inspect your system.

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