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15 kasım, 2013

Hunter offers a few tools to speed up your installation of emitters and drip tubing. This video shows you the Hunter Pocket Punch (punches a pilot hole into drip tubing, inserts, and removes emitters) & the Hunter Emitter Multi-Tool, HEMT (punches pilot holes and pellets into drip tubing, inserts and removes emitters, cuts tubing).

Pocket Punch Punches a pilot hole. Even if you are using a self-piercing barb, the pilot hole ensures accurate and reliable emitter or connector placement in the supply tubing. Holds an emitter for insertion. Pocket Punch holds the emitter, or goof plug, and provides a large surface for your hand during insertion. The holding "feathers" on the tool can be replaced in the field. "Hunter" will be on the part. Provides "teeth" to pry out an emitter. Made in USA

Hunter Emitter Multi Tool (HEMT) HEMT is Pocket Punch's big brother. In addition to the features listed above with Pocket Punch, HEMT also has a cutting blade (cuts up to 1" PVC like a hot knife through butter), holds 1Ž4" tubing already connected to an emitter, and a pellet punch for larger, ag-style emitters and connectors. The unit will have "Hunter" largely displayed on the handle.

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