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Cleaning a Filter on Hunter Rotor
The most common reason for a sprinkler to stop rotating is the accumulation of debris in the filter. This video will teach you how to clean the filter
Canceling Extra Start Times on Hunter Controller
An irrigation system that is repeating the cycle and continuously watering most likely has too many start times programmed into the controller. This
Canceling a Delay on a Hunter Controller
One of the most common reasons for a sprinkler system to water intermittently and show the word DELAY on the display is because a delay time was
Be a Hero. Save Water. Save the Day.
Do you like heroes who battle villains and save the day? If so, this Smart Irrigation video by Hunter Industries is for you! We highlight the real
Accu-Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation, Adjustment and Overview
The Accu-Sync pressure regulator is designed to regulate the pressure at the valve for the entire zone to provide maximum water efficiency. Learn how to
Accu-Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation and Adjustment
In this Hunter Field Knowledge video, you will learn about the Installation and Adjustment of Hunter Industries pressure regulating ACCU-SYNC products
Accu-Sync Product Guide
In this Hunter video, you will learn about the Hunter Industries pressure regulating ACCU-SYNC product line. Accu-Sync is attached to a Hunter valve for
ACC Basic Programming: Startup
In this video you will learn the basic steps to program an ACC controller. How to set the date and time, programming overlap options, and setting start
Hydrawise Ready Controllers: Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
Learn the most common Wi-Fi solutions when setting up a Hydrawise Wi-Fi irrigation controller from Hunter Industries. Manage your irrigation controller
ACC Basic Installation of Wall Mount and Pedestals
This segment will show you how to mount an ACC in both wall and pedestal mount configurations. Learn where to locate your ACC commercial controller
ACC Advanced Programming: Solar Sync Setup
This video will show you how to properly set up and install a Solar Sync weather sensor with the ACC commercial irrigation controller.
ACC Advanced Programming: Flow Sensor Setup
This videos covers everything you need to know before setting up a flow sensor in conjunction with an ACC irrigation controller. Reasons to install a
ACC Advanced Programming: Extended Features, Part 3
In this video we will cover even more extended features of the ACC controller including how to access the data history, flow totals, and alarm logs.
ACC Advanced Programming: Extended Features, Part 2
This video will cover additional features of the ACC irrigation controller including system off dial position, programmable days off mode, easy retrieve
ACC Advanced Programming: Extended Features, Part 1
In this video training you will learn about some of the additional features of the ACC controller including no water windows, delay between stations
ACC Advanced Programming: Decoders, Part 2: Sensors
Hunter Industries brings you DUAL, a two-wire decoder system to be used with the already popular I-Core controller at a breakthrough price point. In
ACC Advanced Programming: Decoders, Part 1
In this video, you'll learn how to set up and install decoders on an ACC commercial irrigation controller. The use of decoders with the ACC system
A Video Tour of Golf Courses Featuring Hunter Products
Take a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of some of the most beautiful golf courses in the country and meet the superintendents who trust Hunter and
Clik-Delay Product Guide
The Hunter Clik-Delay was developed in response to the California Governor's mandate for a 48 hour irrigation delay after a rain event occurs. The Clik
Learn more about the history of Hunter Industries, its distribution network, and how the Hunter family’s culture still guides the decisions of the
DUAL Decoders: On-Site training
Learn how to add a Hunter Dual two-wire decoder system to any project with step-by-step instructions on how to splice the wires and make the waterproof
DUAL Decoders Product Guide: Updated design in 2015
The I-Core DUAL Decoders have been redesigned and improved in 2015. The DUAL-1 and DUAL-2 decoders feature a new slim design, solid copper wires, and a
ROAM XL Operation
This video will show you how to install the SmartPort, prepare the remote for operation, change the address, increase the number of stations or switch
Valve Series: Valve Operation
This video will teach you the components and operation of an Hunter irrigation valve. You will learn how to manually open and close your Hunter valve