Counter Buzz: Grow to Go Campaign

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July 19, 2019

In this episode of Counter Buzz, you will learn all about the Grow to Go campaign that let's you use tools we've developed to help grow your business and you learn how you can enter to win great prizes and trips.

IN THIS VIDEO (click to watch)

  • 0:36 - Introduction of the Grow to Go campaign
  • 1:08 - What are the growth tools you can use?
  • 2:00 - Where do you start
  • 2:30 - How do you start and what are the prizes?
  • 3:20 - What kind of trips can you win?
  • 4:05 - Hunter Preferred Program
  • 4:51 - Hunter & FX Luminaire?
  • 5:20 - Quarter 3. When can you start entering to win?
  • 5:42 - Recap summary of Grow to Go

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