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March 13, 2020

The high-torque I-50 rotor is engineered to thrive in difficult water-quality conditions within large turf projects.

In this Counter Buzz, the I-50 Rotor product manager details all the features of this powerful, large turf rotor.

  • 00:20 - Key features of the I-50. What separates it from the I-40?
  • 00:59 - Why is a stronger gear drive better?
  • 01:59 - New easy arc adjustment feature
  • 03:00 - Opposing nozzle model and standard 3 nozzle model
  • 03:20 - Retrofit! Internal mechanism of I-50 will drop into existing 6" body of I-25 or I-40
  • 04:27 - Tough gear mechanism is a miniaturized version seen in our Hunter Golf sprinklers
  • 05:12 - Summary

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