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How to Install and Adjust the Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator
In this video, we will show you how to install and adjust an Accu Sync® Pressure Regulator. Pressure regulation at the valve maximizes irrigation
Feeling the Pressure – Reasons and Methods to Regulate
04:28 – Agenda 05:55 – What is a pressure regulator 08:03 – The Benefits of pressure regulation 13:11 – Pressure regulators for landscape Irrigation 19
Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation
Learn about the water savings and efficiency gained by using properly pressure-regulated spray bodies and rotors. Hunter offers the Hunter Pro-Spray®
Hunter Valves Product Guide
Hunter's line of valves consists of an array of models that fit every application from residential to golf course applications. Watch to learn about
Hunter Irrigation Valves: Built to Stand the Test of Time
The Hunter family of irrigation valves offers durable, reliable performance and is engineered to stand the test of time, no matter the conditions
Accu Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation and Adjustment
In this Hunter Field Knowledge video, you will learn about the Installation and Adjustment of Hunter Industries pressure regulating Accu Sync products
Accu Sync Product Guide
In this Hunter video, you will learn about the Hunter Industries pressure regulating Accu Sync ® product line. Accu Sync is attached to a Hunter valve
Accu Sync Valve Pressure Regulator Installation, Adjustment and Overview
The Accu Sync pressure regulator is designed to regulate the pressure at the valve for the entire zone to provide maximum water efficiency. Learn how to