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Pro-HC Product Guide1:56

Pro-HC Product Guide

Manage this durable outdoor irrigation controller with Hydrawise web-based software from anywhere worldwide using your smart...Tags: Controllers, Pro-HC, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: February 21, 2017Product Guide
Senninger Irrigation joins Hunter Industries1:57

Senninger Irrigation joins Hunter Industries

Senninger Irrigation joins Hunter Industries. This event marks an important milestone for the irrigation industries as...Published: January 5, 2016Specialty
Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers: Save Water and Protect Your Landscape1:58

Hunter Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Controllers: Save Water and Protect Your Landscape

Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controllers – Save Water and Protect Your Landscape....Tags: Hydrawise, Hydrawise Cloud Software, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: August 1, 2018Product Guide
Hunter HPC-FP | HPC retro-fit panel for Pro-C controllers2:04

Hunter HPC-FP | HPC retro-fit panel for Pro-C controllers

The revolutionary HPC face panel brings the Pro-C controller that you know and trust into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation...Tags: Hydrawise, HPC, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: October 30, 2017Product Guide
Accu Sync Product Guide2:13

Accu Sync Product Guide

In this Hunter video, you will learn about the Hunter Industries pressure regulating Accu Sync® product line. Accu Sync...Tags: Valves, Accu Sync®, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: September 17, 2013Product Guide
Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation2:16

Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation

Learn about the water savings and efficiency gained by using properly pressure regulated spray bodies and rotors. Hunter...Tags: Rotors, PGP Ultra & I-20 PRB, Built to..., Full-LengthPublished: February 3, 2016Built to...
Hunter Industries receives Excellence in Energy Leadership Award2:20

Hunter Industries receives Excellence in Energy Leadership Award

Hunter Industries receives a 2019 Excellence in Energy Leadership Award at the 14th-annual San Diego Gas & Electric...Published: May 2, 2019Specialty
MP800SR Product Guide2:23

MP800SR Product Guide

Hunter introduces the MP Rotator SR line. SR stands for short radius. Hunter's MP Rotators have revolutionized overhead...Tags: MP Rotator, MP Rotator® MP800, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: April 7, 2014Product Guide
X-Core Irrigation Controller Product Guide2:27

X-Core Irrigation Controller Product Guide

Learn more about the Hunter X-Core residential irrigation controller with up to 8 station capacity and water conservation...Tags: Controllers, X-Core®, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: June 4, 2015Product Guide
ICC2 Product Guide, IA Show2:31

ICC2 Product Guide, IA Show

ICC2 is a value-packed, light-to-mid size commercial irrigation controller that delivers more than you expect, just like its...Tags: Controllers, ICC2, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: January 31, 2017Product Guide
Soil-Clik: Product Guide2:34

Soil-Clik: Product Guide

Hunter Industries' Soil-Clik senses moisture in the soil at the root level to ensure proper water application. This...Tags: Sensors, Soil-Clik™, Product Guide, Full-LengthPublished: May 23, 2014Product Guide
Hunter Preferred Program – HPP2:44

Hunter Preferred Program – HPP

The Hunter Preferred program is a rewards program that helps you grow your business. Preferred members earn points for...Published: February 22, 2018Specialty


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