Connecting Solenoid Valves and Plug Pack - AR

Your controller has either 6 or 12 zones depending on the model you have purchased. There are 3 COMMON wiring points for convenience – any or all of them can be used. Refer to the diagram below when connecting your solenoid valves to the controller.

[1] Water main

[2] Master valve (optional)

[3] Solenoid valves

[4] Water to zones

[5] Common wires

[6] 24V AC plug pack

Solenoid Valve Wiring

Take one wire from each solenoid, twist together and connect to the common (usually white) wire of your multicore irrigation cable.

All wire connections should be done using waterproof connectors.


Connect each of the other individual wires to a different colored wire. Record zones against wire color for later reference.


Connect the common wire from the multicore cable (usually white) to any of the three terminals on the controller marked COMMON.


Connect each of the other solenoid wires to one of the ZONE inputs.


If a master valve (sometimes labelled as MV on other controllers) is installed this can be connected to any spare zone as any of the zones can be assigned as a master valve output. Configuration of the master valve in the Hydrawise app is required.


Click the blue wiring cover into place to seal the controller and protect the wiring.

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