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Installing the HC Controller - AR

The HC is designed for indoor installations only. The chosen location must have Wi-Fi coverage. Wi-Fi coverage can be easily tested using a smart phone with Wi-Fi connectivity or on the HC itself (signal strength is shown when you select a wireless network).

Note: The HC Controller is an indoor model and is not water-proof or weather resistant, and must be installed indoors or in a protected area.

Note: Do not plug transformer into power source until controller is mounted and all wiring has been connected.

Cable Entry

The controller has 2 cable entry options -- from the rear of the case or via a conduit from the bottom of the controller.

Entry from the rear of the controller

Using a sharp knife, remove the 2 cutouts on the rear of the controller as indicated on the diagram as .

Entry via ¾ inch conduit

Using a sharp knife, cut around the semi-circular line on the controller as indicated on the diagrams as . Cut around the matching line on the blue controller wiring cover.

Mounting the Controller

  1. Using a drill bit of 3/16 inch diameter, drill a hole to a depth of 1 inch (25 mm).
  2. Insert plastic anchor so it is flush with the surface of the wall.
  3. Screw 1 inch screw into plastic anchor leaving the head protruding about 1/8 inch (4 mm).
  4. Slide the controller case over the screw head.
  5. Mark second mounting point (see in diagram), remove controller, drill hole, insert plastic anchor, slide controller case over first screw head and screw into place.

Rear cable entry point (remove with knife)

Conduit cable entry point (remove with knife)

Wall mounting screw hole

Power indicator

Expansion module cable entry

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