P2C - Connecting AC Power

P2C models are prewired with a power cord and plug for simple installations in both indoor and outdoor applications. If the controller is to be powered by direct line voltage, follow these wiring instructions:

  1. Route AC power cable and conduit through the ½" (13 mm) conduit opening on the left side of the cabinet bottom.
  2. Connect the wires to the transformer wires located inside the junction box. Always use a UL Listed conduit ½" (13 mm) male adapter when installing the AC wiring.
  3. Insert the adapter into the ½" (13 mm) hole at the bottom of the controller. Attach a nut to the adapter inside the enclosure.

IMPORTANT:To be performed by a licensed electrician only. Always use UL Listed ½" (13 mm) conduit with male adapter when installing AC wiring. Pro-C Controllers are intended to be supplied AC power with a 15 A rated overcurrent protected device.


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