Wire Connectors

Waterproof Connectors

Wire Slack for Service

All connections and splices in the red/blue two-wire path (IDWIRE) must be made with DBRY-6 or equal waterproof connectors. 

  • All Hunter decoders are now supplied with DBRY-6 connectors
  • All "-6" connectors are rated to 600V direct burial and have high temperature resistance
  • Additional splices and connections in the two-wire path must be made with equivalent connectors

Whenever a splice or connection is made, it is important to leave adequate slack in the wires. Leave 5 ft/1.5 m slack to prevent contraction of the wire from damaging the connections, and to allow the splices to be removed from the valve box for service or inspection.

Wire slack may be coiled neatly or around the inside of the valve box.

Decoder-to-Solenoid connections may be made with standard DBY or equal waterproof connectors. These require only 30V or similar ratings but still require slack and strain relief.

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