To program an EZ-1 decoder, start by installing the EZDM into any station output slot within an ICC2 or HCC chassis (with the power off). Once installed, power up the controller and remember to press the Reset button on the back of the control panel. This will change the controller station size to 54.

With the EZDM installed, manually start the station you would like to program. The EZDM’s LED will flash green indicating the station is active. You can start the station via the ICC2 or HCC control panel, with a ROAM or ROAMXL remote, or via smartphone through the Hydrawise or Centralus apps.

Once the station is running, simply insert the red and blue wires on the decoder into the programming port (either wire can go in either hole).

Next, press the program button labeled “PRG”. When the LED on the decoder turns green, it is successfully programmed. After the decoder is programmed, write the station number on the decoder. To reprogram a decoder, simply activate a different station, and follow the same programming steps.

To program a decoder as a P/MV, simply insert the red and blue wires into the programming port without activating any station. The EZDM LED will be a solid green, indicating the power is on. Push the PRG button, and wait for the decoder light to turn green. It’s that easy! If you are going to use a decoder for P/MV output, you will need to connect a short jumper-wire from the controller P/MV output to the P/MV terminal on the EZ-DM. If you’re simply going to hardwire the P/MV, just wire to the P/MV terminal on the power module, as you normally would.

To help with diagnostics and troubleshooting, the EZ decoders LED light flashes once per second while a station is running. This happens regardless if the decoder is being used for a station or as a P/MV.

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