NODE BT - Upgrading Firmware

App version 5.0.3208 or later allows users to download the latest firmware files on demand and deploy onsite without Wi-Fi or strong cellular coverage. Be sure to update all of your NODE-BT controllers with the latest firmware for the best performance.

NOTE: You must have NODE-BT app version 5.0.3208 or later to use this feature.

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Please review the steps below for uploading the firmware and updating your controller in the field.

Firmware Downloads
For existing installations, the firmware can be downloaded on your smartphone first and deployed in the field.
  1. Launch the NODE-BT app.
  2. Click on the ALERT icon on the upper left-hand side of the app.
  3. The screen will present up to three updates. Click on any of the UPDATE icons.
  4. From the FIRMWARE downloads screen, click on the DOWNLOAD icon on the screen's upper right-hand side.
  5. All FIRMWARES will now be downloaded into the app.
Updating the Controller
  1. Launch the NODE-BT app.
  2. When you are in the Bluetooth range of the controller in the field, select the SCAN button at the bottom of the app.
  3. Click CONNECT on the controller to upgrade.
  4. The FIRMWARE UPDATE REQUIRED message will appear. Click UPDATE. Leave the app open and batteries installed in the controller during this process.
  5. After the controller is updated successfully, click OK.
Verify Firmware Update
To ensure your controller has the latest firmware, please follow the simple steps below.
  1. Navigate to the bottom of the app and click MORE.
  3. Click on the top controller name (e.g. NODE-BT-000000) to review all the current firmware versions.
  4. If a new version is available, a RED EXCLAMATION symbol will appear, indicating an important update is available.
  5. Click the  symbol to update.

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