NODE BT - Offline Scheduling

The OFFLINE SCHEDULING feature in the NODE-BT app allows you to view previously connected controller irrigation schedules and the ability to make full program changes away from the controller location. When you return to the site, connect to your controller and easily deploy pre-saved schedule changes for ultimate convenience. When the controller's in offline mode, you are able to change the program Start Times, Water Days, and station Run Times, as well as Global or Monthly Seasonal Adjust.

NOTE: The app version 5.0.5522 or later is required to access this feature.

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Offline Steps

You must connect to a NODE-BT controller at least once to use this feature.

  1. Open the NODE-BT App.
  2. Click the grey button labeled SCHEDULE next to the controller name. 
  3. Using the pencil icon, make any necessary changes to the program START TIMES, RUN TIMES, WATER DAYS, and/or SEASONAL ADJUSTMENT and click SAVE.
  4. Open the NODE-BT App when you are within Bluetooth range.
  5. Select a CONTROLLER that you want to connect to from the list.
  6. Click CONNECT.
  7. An OFFLINE SCHEDULE EDIT ALERT message will appear on the screen if there is a schedule change. Choose from the options listed.
    • UPDATE SCHEDULE replaces the active schedule on the controller with the offline schedule saved to the phone.
    • DISMISS retains the offline schedule and allows you to view the active schedule on the controller. Editing an active schedule overwrites the offline schedule.
    • DELETE removes the offline schedule.
  8. When finished, close the NODE-BT App.

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