Configure and Position the Adjustable Support Stands

Two Adjustable Support Stands (ST-SPTK) are required to support the weight of the Manifold. The Adjustable Support Stands each need to be placed upon a concrete support pad such as a 16" x 16" x 2" (40 cm x 40 cm x 5cm) stepping stone.

The concrete support pads need to be placed upon compacted soil. The upper surface of the concrete support pad needs to be approximately 39" (100 cm) from the top rim of the Vault. If needed, the concrete support pads can be raised or lowered to ensure the Adjustable Support Stands can be adjusted to fully support the weight of the Manifold. One Support Stand needs to be placed under one of the couplings attached to the Butterfly Valve and the other Support Stand needs to be placed under the coupling between the Elbow and Control Valve.

Loosen the nuts on the top of the black rubber Support Stand base. Raise the nuts as far as possible. Press downward on the Support Stand’s metal rail until it stops. Using two pliers, spread (bend) the upper opening of the metal rail outward in the area between the two threaded shafts. This action will create a "nest" for the Manifold's coupling fitting to rest upon. Place the two Support Stands on the concrete pads. These will be adjusted after the Manifold and Rotor assembly have been installed in the Vault.

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