IMMS Software
Modelo Descripción
IMMS4CD IMMS graphics central control software (Custom images not included)
IMMS-ET-CD Optional ET automatic weather adjustment software (requires IMMS4CD base model; Requires an ET Sensor at one or more ACC controller locations)
Modelo Descripción
ACC-COM-GPRS-E* Conexión de datos móviles para varios programadores
ACC-COM-LAN Conexión Ethernet
ACC-COM-HWR Conexión de radio y cableado, para uso con:
    RAD3 Radio UHF (requiere antena)
    ACC-HWIM Hardwire cable terminal and driver (requires cable)

* Requiere un plan de servicio mensual de datos móviles

User Installed Options (Specify Separately)
Modelo Descripción Propósito
ACC-HWIM Módulo de interfaz cableada necesario para conexiones cableadas Provides surge protected terminals for hardwired cable connections
RAD3 UHF radio module (North America), 450-470 MHz UHF radio module for wireless connections (license and antenna required and not included)
RAD460INT UHF radio module (International), 440-480 MHz
Consult factory for other international frequency ranges
UHF radio module for wireless connections, international only (license and antenna required and not included)
APPBRKT Communication bracket for plastic pedestals Holds Com modules and accessories in plastic pedestal (not required in wall mounts)
Base Modelo Opciones Propósito


Hardwire central interface None = 120 VAC (North America)
E = 230/240 VAC
(Europe/international power)
A = 230/240 VAC (Australia)
Hardwired central interface for connection to Site via direct wire (GCBL cable), supplied with USB cable for connection to central computer, and plug-in transformer

100 = 100 ft/30 m
300 = 300 ft/90 m
500 = 500 ft/150 m

  Cable para todas las comunicaciones cableadas IMMS
* GCBL available in 1000 ft/300 m increments (up to 4000 ft/1200 m)
Radio Antenna Options (Specify Separately)
Modelo Descripción


Omni-directional antenna for plastic pedestal lid installation
IMMSANT3 Omni-directional antenna for wall or pole mount installation
IMMSANTYAGI3 High efficiency directional antenna for pole installation
RA5M High gain omni-directional mast antenna for roof or pole installations