Decoder System Design

Decoder Hardware & Models

ADM99 output module

ACC family controllers may be ordered in decoder versions as complete model numbers. Individual decoder output modules (ADM-99) may also be retrofitted to existing controllers, to convert them to decoder operations. However, decoder and conventional output modules may not be installed in the same controller at the same time.

ACC99D: Standard powder-coated steel wall mount ACC decoder controller, with output for up to 99 decoder stations.

ACC99DPP: Plastic Pedestal ACC decoder controller, with output for up to 99 decoder stations.

ADM-99: Decoder Output Module, to convert existing ACC99D controllers to decoder operation. The ADM-99 is already included already in the ACC99 versions above. It may be installed in a stock conventional controller, to convert it to decoder operations. It is also used as a replacement component for repair purposes.

ACC controllers (including decoder variations) are always capable of either 120 VAC or 230 VAC operation, and do not require separate versions for international markets.

ICD Decoder Models

ICD family decoders are waterproof and all have integrated surge suppression, with copper ground wire. Multi-station decoders have color-coded wire leads for each station output.

ICD600 with leads

ICD-100 Single-station decoder

ICD-200 Two-station decoder

ICD-400 Four-station decoder

ICD-600 Six-station decoder

ICD-SEN Sensor decoder, two inputs (Flow and/or "Clik" switch closure type)

Each ICD decoder has one red wire and one blue wire. These are always for connection to the two-wire path. IDWIRE is color-coded to make this easy during installation and future service.

The single station decoder Hunter ICD-100 also has a single pair of black wires, for connection to the solenoid. Generally, this can power up to two standard 24 VAC solenoids at the same time, regardless of the distance from the controller (subject to the limits of the IDWIRE used on the project).

Multi-station decoders have additional color-coded pairs, corresponding to each station output. Each station can be turned on independently of the others, and each station output can activate two solenoids. Theoretically, each multi-station decoder can activate the number of stations x 2 solenoids simultaneously. Some limitations may apply for very high draw solenoids, and Pump Start Relays.

ICD and DUAL decoders are CE approved for international regulations, and meet other relevant international standards as well. Note that decoders themselves are low-voltage products and are not eligible for separate UL/c-UL listing on their own. They are part of a UL-listed/c-UL decoder controller system with the ACC99D or I-Core family of controllers.

The DUAL Difference

DUAL Model Numbers
DUAL48M Decoder Output Module for I-Core controller
DUAL-1 Single-station decoder
DUAL-2 Two-station decoder
DUAL-S Surge arrestor for DUAL systems In high lightning areas, install more frequently

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