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MP Rotator - Zoning

The standard MP Rotators have a matched precipitation rate of approximately 0.4 in/hr. This means any standard MP Rotator at any arc or radius can be placed on the same zone. The MP800SR can be configured to work well in head-to-head coverage in either square or triangular layouts. When square spacing is used, the resulting precipitation rate will be approximately 0.8 in/hr. Since this precipitation rate differs from the standard line of MP Rotators, you should zone the MP800 Series separately to maintain matched precipitation within each zone.


Standard MP Rotator Series Precipitation Rate

The Standard MP Rotator Series has the slowest precipitation rate in the industry at approximately 0.4 in/hr, preventing runoff in most soil applications, and allowing for gentle hydration of the landscape.

Standard models include: MP1000, MP2000, MP3000, MP3500 and the side strip series.

MP800 Series Precipitation Rate

The MP800 Series has a precipitation rate of approximately 0.8 in/hr, allowing for high efficiency irrigation of small spaces and medium-grade soils.

Standard models include: MP800SR and MP815 series.

Matching Soil Intake Rates

Matching your precipitation rate to your soil intake rate will eliminate the hazards of runoff and help conserve water.  With two different precipitation rate options with the MP Rotator, you can now choose the best high efficiency rotary nozzle for your plant material, soil type, and slope.

  Standard MP Rotators deliver water slowly, at a rate that most soils and slopes can effectively absorb.

 The MP800 Series delivers water at half the rate of a spray nozzle, better matching typical soil intake rates.

 Standard sprays apply water at a rate much higher than most soils can absorb, causing runoff in most soil types.

MP Nozzle Comparison Chart
  MP Rotator MP Rotator MP800 Series
Nozzle Types High Efficiency Rotator Nozzle Short Radius High Efficiency Rotator Nozzle
Body Color Black Grey

Radius (ft.)

8-35 6-16
Warranty 3 Years 3 Years
Arc 45-360 90-360
Precipitation Square Approx. 0.40 in/hr Approx. 0.8 in/hr
Precipitation Triangle Approx. 0.45 in/hr Approx. 0.9 in/hr
Color Coded
Automatic Matched Precipitation
Maximum Water Efficiency
Pressure Compensating    
Strip Pattern
Stream Spray    
Short Radius  
Deep Watering
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