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X2™ CONTROLLER - Zones and Schedules

The program(s) should already be configured after you finish the setup wizard, but you may want to adjust your run times, start times, or water days later.

The X2 Standard Mode programming allows you to create traditional irrigation programs using Programs A, B, and C — just like Hunter X-Core® or Pro-C® controllers. This mode offers less flexibility than Hydrawise Advanced Mode. Key features include:

  • Six programs available with six start times each
  • Zones already labeled in the program for easier selection
  • Once a zone is selected, the zone run time is visible
  • Predictive Watering™ options that only apply to that program

The steps and screenshots below show how to edit a program and customize your zones:

  1. Click ZONES from the home Dashboard.
  2. Select PROGRAMS next to zones at the top.
  3. Continue with the steps and screenshots below.


Program Name
  1. Add or edit the PROGRAM NAME if necessary.
  2. Select a PROGRAM TYPE and click NEXT.

For more information on the program types, visit the support section here.

Start Times and Water Days
  1. Select the DAYS of the week to water or switch mode.  Mode options include, ODD, EVEN INTERVAL watering.
  2. Enter the TIMES you would like this program to start and click NEXT.

NOTE: Each program can start up to 6 times on the set days to water. One start time will activate all stations sequentially in that program.

Run Times
  1. Select ZONE numbers and enter RUN length for each zones you want to run in that program.
  2. Enter the TIMES in the mins boxes to the right and click NEXT.
Schedule Adjustments

Adjust watering based on the following triggers.  Check the boxes that apply. 


  • Forecast: below 60°F
  • Wind below 9mph
  • 80% chance of rain
  • 0.1in+ rainfall last day
  • 2.4in+ rainfall last 7 days


  • Water 30% less when below 73°F
  • Water longer when hot

For more information on the program types, visit the support section here.

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