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The PS comes from the factory with a preset spray arc of 1º (a very thin stream). The raised dot on top of the nozzle indicates the adjustable (left) edge of the spray pattern.


Wire lengths for sensors: 

  • Mini Clik can be ran up to 200’ (60m)
  • Rain Clik can be ran up to 200’
  • Solar Sync can be ran up to 200’


Operation Check to Verify Correct Wiring

Turn on one zone of the irrigation system that is visible while you are in reach of the Mini-Clik. Manually depress the spindle at the top of the Mini-Clik until you hear the switch “click” off. The sprinkler zone should stop instantaneously. If it does not, check wiring for correctness. It is not necessary to “wet” test the Mini-Clik, although it will test the operation fine, if desired.

Check that the jumper tab was removed from across the two SEN terminals and also check that the sensor bypass switch on the controller is not in the Bypass position. It needs to be in the Active position to be able to utilize the sensor information. The sensor shuts the system down at 37 degrees fahrenheit.

Controller shows ERR:

  • Module wires not properly connected to controller terminals.
  • Wires from the Solar Sync module to the controller have been severed.
  • Is the Solar Sync module installed on a controller that has the SOLAR SYNC dial position? If so, remove module.

Solar Sync module shows ERR:     

  • There is an issue between the module and the sensor itself. Assess your wire connections, power the controller down and back up again.

Solar Sync module shows SERR:   


There are two lights on the Wireless Rain Sensor Receiver, each have their own purpose.

The ICZ-151 is the largest drip zone control kit Hunter manufactures, this provides up to 60GPM @ 40 psi (Gallons per Minute)(227 l/min) per zone.


The Air/Vacuum Relief Valve (AVR) is designed to reliably discharge air during system start-up and allow air into the line during shutdown. The valve closes even with low water pressure and reduces water hammer.


Regulating pressure saves water and extends the life of the irrigation system. Water savings is achieved by operating each zone at the best pressure for that equipment and application type. Use the chart below to select the best Accu-Sync™ model for each application of Hunter irrigation equipment. Accu-Sync ensures that every zone in every system stays in check for maximum water savings and longevity.