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MP Rotator: Resist Sand Debris
See how the MP Rotator nozzle compares to the competition at resisting external debris. During testing in a sand pit, Hunter’s leading high-efficiency
Comparatif des programmateurs d'arrosage Wi-Fi avec Hydrawise
The future of irrigation controllers is now, and it’s true there are many options to choose from. When comparing those options, the differences between
The Hunter SJ Swing Joint
The SJ Swing Joint easily adjusts sprinklers to proper height and position, and eliminates broken risers. This video shows the benefit and superior
Pro-Spray Product Comparison. 60 second version
How much pressure can a sprinkler head can handle before it literally explodes? In this condensed version of the Pro-Spray video, we get right to the
MP Rotator: économiser l'eau
See why the Hunter MP Rotator nozzle has earned its status as a proven water saver. The MP Rotator’s unique design with multiple rotating streams is the
MP Rotator: fiable
Watch Hunter’s internal and external sand testing of sprinkler nozzles to see how the MP Rotator’s double-pop nozzle design fights debris and kills the
MP Rotator: éviter le ruissellement et la brumisation
Find out how the Hunter MP Rotator’s multiple rotating streams are built to fight irrigation water waste from wind and runoff. As the world’s most
MP Rotator: Uniformitê de Distribution
Learn more about how standard and short radius Hunter MP Rotator irrigation nozzles achieve matched precipitation at any arc and radius. See the
MP Rotator: Durable
See how the Hunter MP Rotator nozzle and the competitor’s spray nozzles stand up to the abuse of a weed wacker. This video features various lawn
Hunter Irrigation Valves: Built to Stand the Test of Time
The Hunter family of irrigation valves offers durable, reliable performance and is engineered to stand the test of time, no matter the conditions
DUAL: Built To Save Installation Time and Money
Hunter Industries brings you DUAL, a two-wire decoder system to be used with the already popular I-Core controller at a breakthrough price point. Dual
Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation
Learn about the water savings and efficiency gained by using properly pressure regulated spray bodies and rotors. Hunter offers the Hunter Pro-Spray®
MP Rotator : Construit pour réussir, comparaison de buses éfficaces, version 90sec
Afin d'assurer la conformité de la philosophie d'innovation de Hunter, tester et améliorer nos produits, nous souhaitons montrer comment "l'éfficacité"
MP Rotator : contruit pour réussir, comparaison de l'éfficacité des buses
La buse du MP Rotator de Hunter a redéfinit l'éfficacité de l'arrosage des espaces verts. Le MP Rotator utilise un jet rotatif combiné à un faible débit
Comparaison et test du Pro-Spray
Quelle pression une tête d'arrosage automatique peut elle supporter avant d'exploser? Dans cette vidéo, les ingénieurs Hunter comparent differentes