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Replacing a Hunter Rotor Riser Seal
One of the most common reasons for a sprinkler to start leaking between the pop-up riser assembly and the body cap while it is in operation is because
Installing a Nozzle on a Hunter Rotor
Installing a nozzle on a rotor is relatively easy. The procedure is the same for the PGJ, SRM, PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra and I-20 rotors. This video will teach
Cleaning a Filter on Hunter Rotor
The most common reason for a sprinkler to stop rotating is the accumulation of debris in the filter. This video will teach you how to clean the filter
Ajuster un arroseur Hunter
With a rotor tool, its easy to adjust the left stop, but ever wonder how to adjust the right stop after install? Hunter Technical Support will show you
Comment régler un arroseur Hunter : Astuces
Le réglage de l'arc et du rayon d'un arroseur est une tâche facile. La plupart des arroseurs résidentiels sont ajustés de la même manière. Les deux