NODE-BT - Cycle & Soak

The CYCLE & SOAK feature allows you to split a station’s runtime into shorter watering periods. The shorter watering periods will help prevent runoff in situations like slopes or tight soils. It is recommended that the CYCLE time is less than the station’s watering time, and the SOAK time for the water to be absorbed. The total number of cycles is determined by taking the total programmed station run time and dividing it by the CYCLE time (e.g., see chart below).

Zone Run Time Cycle Time Set Min Soak Time set
12 Minutes 4 Minutes 20 Minutes
Number of cycles
3 Cycles of 4 Minutes

Login to the NODE-BT app. Select a CONTROLLER from the list and press CONNECT.


Select the SCHEDULE icon from the bottom of the main screen.


Select the

CONTROLLER SETTINGS icon on the upper right-hand side.


Scroll down and select the desired STATION number. 


Enter a customer station NAME if desired. Activate CYCLE & SOAK option by pressing the toggle button.


Enter the desired CYCLE time.


Enter the desired SOAK time. Select SET.

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