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Hunter Pro Adjustable Spray Nozzles: More Durable and Long-Lasting than the Competition We have all seen split and cracked spray nozzles with distorted spray patterns and even mini-geysers throwing water everywhere but the intended landscape. As a manufacturer in the irrigation industry, we are committed to making the most robust product possible while still staying cost effective. In this video, we will show you how the Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles not only apply water more evenly with clean edges and large water droplets (Spray Pattern), but they also hold up better to tough daily conditions (Durability). The competitor nozzle lacks definition at the edges, requiring overcompensation of the arc, and more water, to make up for the weak left edge. The water droplets are also very fine, no matter the arc, creating mist that floats away instead of delivering water to the target. The Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles have a crisp, well-defined edges in any arc position, and the heavier droplet size gets the water onto the landscape, instead of blowing away onto paved areas. The smooth spray pattern also means a more even application of water. Foot traffic and landscape equipment can potentially damage sprinklers. From lawnmowers to string trimmers, pedestrians to golf carts, sprinklers are expected to be strong as well as cost effective. The Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzle is robust enough to provide years of trouble-free operation, while the competition will lead to more maintenance calls. Nozzles themselves may be inexpensive to replace, but the real cost is your time and your client’s perception of service. Here at Hunter Industries, we strive to create the most durable product possible at a competitive price. Hunter Pro Adjustable Nozzles beat out the competition in both performance and durability, which makes a real difference in your day to day operations. With a complete line of adjustable, fixed, and specialty options, Hunter spray nozzles are ideal for a diverse range of landscape applications and come backed by the reliability associated with the Hunter name. If you are a Hunter Preferred Program member, earn even more points by using Hunter spray nozzles. Find them at your local distributor or contact your local Hunter sales manager and give them a try. Thank you for choosing Hunter!