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Confronto dei programmatori Wi-Fi con Hydrawise3:13

Confronto dei programmatori Wi-Fi con Hydrawise

The future of irrigation controllers is now, and it’s true there are many options to choose from. When comparing those...Tags: Hydrawise, Hydrawise Cloude Software, Built to..., Versione interaPublished: October 17, 2018Built to...
Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility7:25

Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

Every day at Hunter Industries, we strive to conduct business with our core value of Social Responsibility in mind. The CSR...Published: November 12, 2020Specialty
Be a Hero. Save Water. Save the Day.6:48

Be a Hero. Save Water. Save the Day.

Do you like heroes who battle villains and save the day? If so, this Smart Irrigation video by Hunter Industries is for you!...Tags: MP Rotator, Specialty, Versione interaPublished: July 1, 2014Specialty


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