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Video guida al prodotto EZDS3:57

Video guida al prodotto EZDS

Il sistema EZ di Hunter rivoluziona la tecnologia di decodificatori monocavo, con un costo nettamente inferiore. L'...Tags: Programmatori, EZ Decoder System, Guida prodotto, Versione interaPublished: February 26, 2021Guida prodotto
Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation2:16

Water Savings: Using Pressure Regulation

Learn about the water savings and efficiency gained by using properly pressure regulated spray bodies and rotors. Hunter...Tags: Irrigatori a Turbina, PGP Ultra & I-20 PRB, Built to..., Versione interaPublished: February 3, 2016Built to...
Wireless HC Flow Meter Product Guide3:35

Wireless HC Flow Meter Product Guide

Never tunnel under or cut through a sidewalk to install a flow sensor again! Designed for simple integration with the...Tags: Hydrawise, MISURATORE DI PORTATA HC, Guida prodotto, Versione interaPublished: June 15, 2021Guida prodotto
X-CORE guida al prodotto2:27

X-CORE guida al prodotto

Learn more about the Hunter X-Core residential irrigation controller with up to 8 station capacity and water conservation...Tags: Programmatori, X-Core, Guida prodotto, Versione interaPublished: June 4, 2015Guida prodotto
X2 and WAND Insights from the field57:11

X2 and WAND Insights from the field

01:52 – Hydrawise review 09:00 – Hydrawise 2020 including X2 12:00 – X2 and WAND Introduction 14:30 – Key Features 15:57 – A...Tags: Hydrawise, X2™, Training Webinars, Versione interaPublished: May 22, 2020Training Webinars


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