The Hunter ST vault's complimentary blend of features include construction grade fiberglass in the body, high impact polymer-concrete on the exposed upper rim and a near indestructible polymer-concrete cover set. Together, they form a 20,000+ lb. rated enclosure that is durable, yet easy to install at 170 lbs. with the covers removed.

The exclusive 3” thick four-piece polymer-concrete cover set has a perfectly located cast-in hole for the ST-1600B rotor on one side. This design allows the rotor to be held perfectly to grade within the hole while the enclosure is back-filled from the exposed opposite side. Quick couplers are a must-have around every synthetic field. The cast-in quick coupler port and cover on the opposite side eliminates the need for separate quick coupler enclosures around the playing field. A cast-in port & cover for the ST Valve’s on-off-auto selector adds even more flexibility.

All ST Vaults include convenient quick access ports. Quick-couplers provide a convenient source of water for washing down spills and water-soluable paint. Integrated in-vault design eliminates the need for additional quick-coupler enclosures.

The ST-V30K valve kit includes a remotely located On-Off-Auto selector and solenoid manifold assembly. These convenient features bring valve manual control functions and solenoid splice connections closer to the surface for easy access.

Clear Advantage of the Hunter ST Vault

Have you ever tried to bore a hole into polymer-concrete? It is near impossible. How about installing and setting a 500 lb. polymer-concrete enclosure? Not very much fun.

We designed the ST vault to be as lightweight and easy to install as possible without sacrificing durability. From the functionality perspective, the four-piece cover, large interior space and total top access to all components make servicing easier and the system less expensive to maintain.

ST System