Installation of Dual Decoder Module

The DUAL48M decoder output module is designed for use in all Hunter I-CORE series controllers and provides two-wire decoder outputs for the Hunter DUAL family of field decoders.

Note: This module is not compatible with any other controller.

The decoder output module installs in the first three expansion slots of the controller. The station size of this module is 48 maximum.




Turn the dial to the Run position.


Open the facepack door, and locate the module slide lock. Slide the module lock to the unlocked “Power Off” position.


Remove any previously installed ICM-600 station output modules. Install the DUAL48M in the first 3 slots to the right of the Power Module. Do not attempt to force the module into any other position.


Install the module by aligning it in the first three expansion slots, and slide it in, pushing until the module is seated flush with the Power Module to the left.


Slide the module lock to the locked “Power On” position. The I-CORE will apply power to the module and recognize it for decoder use (controller maximum station size is now 48 stations).

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