DUAL - ID Decoder Wire Specifications and Installation

Wire and wire installation is a key factor in successful decoder installations. Substitution of recommended wire and wire splices is at the installer’s own risk and is a major cause of start-up service troubles. Hunter provides two types of wire for use with DUAL™ decoder systems

ID1 WIRE: Two-conductor, solid-core, twisted, color-coded red and blue, direct burial PE jacket 14AWG/1.6 mm dia. copper wires. Suitable up to 5000 feet/1500 m.

ID2 WIRE: Two-conductor, solid-core, twisted, color-coded red and blue, direct burial PE jacket 12AWG/2.05 mm dia. copper wires. Suitable up to 7500 feet/2300 m.

  • Each two-wire output run of wire is called a "path". The DUAL48M provides up to three output paths to the field, and decoders may be installed on any or all of them in any combination.
  • It is not necessary to connect the paths to one another. Each path runs from the controller to the last decoder in the path, and simply stops there.
  • Never connect a wire path from one controller to the wire paths from another controller.

Hunter requires twisted wire meeting the listed specifications on all paths. The twist in the wire is an essential part of surge suppression. As lightning damage is never covered by warranty, it is in the installer’s best interest to share what Hunter has learned in nearly two decades of decoder installations, by using twisted wire that meets all the above specifications. Wire may be substituted provided it meets or exceeds these specifications. The red/blue coding is a convenience for matching the wires to Hunter decoders. Color coding the two different conductors is mandatory.






ID Wire Model Guide
14 AWG standard decoder cable12 AWG long-range,
heavy-duty decoder cable
ID1GRYGray jacketID2GRYGray jacket
ID1PURPurple jacketID2PURPurple jacket
ID1YLWYellow jacketID2YLWYellow jacket
ID1ORGOrange jacketID2ORGOrange jacket
ID1BLUBlue jacketID2BLUBlue jacket
ID1TANTan jacketID2TANTan jacket

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