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A new controller installation will begin with at least one or two ATTENTION messages, because the controller has experienced a "power outage" in shipping, and might be discovering new modules. This is normal. Messages on the screen do not interfere with normal irrigation.

When power is first turned on (either with the power switch, or closing one of the slide locks), the Hunter logo screen appears, and the controller begins searching for any irrigation events it may have missed during a power outage.


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The PSR-B was developed to provide a solution for irrigation controller and pump start relays installations that have insufficient power to energize the pump relay. A common cause for this problem is the use of too small a wire size for the distance from controller to the pump start relay.



You can manually test proper operation of the rain sensor by using the One Touch Manual Start. During the Manual All stations cycle, press the test button on the “Clik-type” sensor (eg. Mini-Clik®) to interrupt watering.

Note: The rain sensor will only interrupt watering in Manual All Stations and automatic programming.  Manual single station will override the sensor circuit.


The most common reason for a valve to remain on, or weep, is debris. New installations without proper flushing, recent mainline repair, or well water can cause debris to flow into the valve and get caught between the diaphragm and the seat. Check for debris using the following steps: