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ACC2 is Hunter’s next-generation advanced commercial irrigation controller. ACC2 has a color user interface for many advanced flow management features. It has been built around a powerful transformer, suitable for the largest projects. The controller features a 2 A transformer, 32 programs with optional flow scheduling, and can run 14 solenoids simultaneously. The base model ACC2 includes 12 stations and expands in 6-station modules to 54 stations. The base model also includes 3 built-in flow meter inputs and 3 master valve outputs, both of which may be expanded to 6. ACC2 includes a suite of flow management features for up to 6 flow zones, including flow scheduling (to a specific flow rate), real-time flow monitoring with station level diagnostics, master water sources, and flow budgeting. ACC2 provides full support for normally closed and normally open master valves, even within the same system, in addition to supporting various flow meters. ACC2 is available as a metal wall mount, stainless steel wall mount, or plastic pedestal. Optional matching metal pedestals in gray or stainless are also available. ACC2 can accept either Wi-Fi or LAN modules, and also includes an SD card reader.