Pro-C - Solar Sync Delay

Solar Sync Delay for Pro-C

The delay feature is accessible only after the installation of the Solar Sync. The Solar Sync Delay feature allows the user to postpone seasonal adjustment changes from being made by Solar Sync for up to 99 days.

While the Solar Sync Delay is active, the Solar Sync will continue to collect and store data.


To access the Solar Sync Delay setting:
  1. Place the dial in the RUN position; press and hold the   button, rotate the dial to the Solar Sync position then release the   button. The following screen will be presented :d:XX (where d indicates days and XX indicates the number of days to be delayed) .
  2. Press the   or   button to increase/decrease the number of days the delay should run. Once the desired number of days is displayed, move the dial back to the RUN position to activate the delay.
To change the existing Delay days setting:
  1. Open the Solar Sync Delay menu by pressing the   button and rotating the dial to Solar Sync Settings and release the   button.
  2. Use the   or   keys to modify the number of days until desired numbers of delay days is displayed. (Setting the days to 00 turns Solar Sync Delay to OFF.)
  3. Return the dial to the RUN position for the changes to take effect.

While Solar Sync Delay is active, the Solar Sync will continue to gather weather information and calculate the Seasonal Adjust Value. The updated seasonal adjust will be applied once the Solar Sync Delay days reach 00.

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