Pro-C - Flashing Sprinkler Icon, No Zones Running

If the controller display shows a station running, flashing sprinkler icon (  ),  or an arrow pointing towards running, it sounds like the controller is doing its part. Maybe the water has been shut off to the zone valves. Go to the zone valve and turn the solenoid (where the wires are connected) 1/2 turn counterclockwise. If the valves have water, the sprinklers will come on even without the controller. See the illustration below for activating the valve solenoid manually:

IMPORTANT: If you have a master valve, activating the solenoid on that as well would be necessary to confirm the water supply is ON. LEARN MORE about if you have one installed.



If the sprinklers turn on manually by twisting the solenoid, then the next step is to check for the proper voltage.

To confirm the proper voltage is getting to the valves using a voltmeter, follow the steps below:


Turn dial to MANUAL-ONE STATION position. Station run time will flash in the display. Use the arrow (>) button to move to the desired station. You may use the plus (+) or minus (-)button to select the amount of time for a station to water.  Turn the dial clockwise to the RUN position to run the station.


Use a volt meter to confirm there is 25-28 volts VAC at the screw terminals marked "C" and the corresponding station screw terminal ("C" and "2" for example).


Next, go to the valve in question and check the same two wires connected to the valve for the same voltage.


If there is no voltage or low voltage at the valve, you may have a damaged wire or bad connection from the controller.


If you have necessary voltage (25-28 VAC) at the valve then the solenoid may need to be replaced.

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