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Sensores de Chuva - Perguntas Frequentes
If your controller is showing a message indicating that the sensor is active even thought it has not rained or if the sensor is not shutting down the
Programando Dias Pares e Ímpares e Programando Intervalos de Rega
This video will teach you how to program your controller to water every other day by selecting odd or even days of the week to water. You will also
Pro-C com o Solar Sync
In this video, learn how to properly install a Solar Sync sensor and learn the different Solar Sync programming functions, plus how to make future
Pro-C: Programação Básica
This video shows you the basic steps to program a Hunter Pro-C irrigation controller and how to use its various features, from setting the date and time
Pro-C: Programação Avançada
This video from Hunter goes in-depth to show you how to use the advanced features of the Pro-C irrigation controller, including everything from the
NODE: Configurando um Programa Extra
To set up a separate program on your Node battery powered sprinkler timer, use the center button to go to the start time option and hit the program
NODE: Programando o Controlador NODE
In this video, you will learn how to program the Node battery powered irrigation controller. The Node controller requires the use of DC latching
Série MP Rotator: Como Ajustar o MP Rotator
Adjusting the arc and radius of an MP Rotator is an easy task. There are two adjustments, arc and radius, that can be made on an MP Rotator. Arc: The
Início Manual com um Controlador Hunter
Hunter controllers allow you to start a station or an entire program manually. To do so, turn the dial to Manual Single Station or Manual All Stations
Instalando um Bocal em um Rotor Hunter
Installing a nozzle on a rotor is relatively easy. The procedure is the same for the PGJ, SRM, PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra and I-20 rotors. This video will teach
Programador Portátil ICR - Colocando o Endereço
If you can activate your stations from your controller, but you can't activate them from your remote control, it is possible that your transmitter is
Programador Portátil ICR: Programação e Operação
This video provides an overview on how to set up and operate your ICR remote control including how to turn on and off stations as well as changing their
Controlador I-Core: Instalação do Sensor Solar Sync
This video teaches you how to connect, configure, and program a solar sync weather sensor with your I-Core controller. Installation of both the wired
Controlador I-Core: Programação Básica
Irrigation professional Mike Madewell will walk you through programing the Hunter I-Core controller. In part one basic start-up programming, Mike will
Controlador I-Core: Programação Avançada
In part two advanced programming and extended features, Mike will go through seasonal adjust, cycle and soak, delay between stations and configuration
Controlador I-Core HFS: Configuração do Sensor de Vazão
In part three HFS Hunter Flow Sensor set-up, Mike will go through installing a HFS flow sensor and setting up stations to be monitored, change overflow
Ferramenta Pocket Punch da Hunter para Microirrigação
Hunter's Pocket Punch Field Knowledge Listen in on two contractors as they discover the new Hunter Pocket Punch tool. While filming a Hunter video for
X-Core Hunter: Instalação e Programação do sensor Solar Sync
Hunter Technical Services shows you how to properly connect and program a Solar Sync sensor to an X-Core controller.
Programação do X-Core Hunter (Parte 2 de 2 ): Múltiplos Programas e Características Gerais
This video goes into the advanced features of programming an X-Core controller including setting multiple programs, system off setting, manual operation
Programando o Hunter X-Core (Parte 1 de 2): Geral e Programação do Programa A
This segment goes over basic programming of the X-Core residential irrigation controller. Setting the current time and day, start times, run times, and
ROAM Hunter com ICR
This video shows you how you can use your Hunter ROAM XL transmitter with an existing ICR receiver using an addressing procedure.
Controle ROAM Hunter: Início Rápido
This video shows you how to get up and running with some quick start features for your Hunter ROAM remote. Learn about how to set up your address, start
Hunter Golfe Rotores TTS: Informaçōes de Campo
This video introduces TTS (Total Top Service) golf rotors. Rich Dunn, Golf Product Manager, details the servicing procedures for the G800 and G900
DUAL Dois Fios da Hunter: Cortando a Fiação em T (Parte 7 de 8)
Video 7 of 8 installation of the Hunter Dual decoder two-wire system with I-Core controller. Tee-Splicing the two-wire path.