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Vídeo do guia do produto EZDS
O sistema decodificador EZDS da Hunter revoluciona a tecnologia de decodificadores de dois fios, com um custo bem menor! Esse sistema inovador oferece
Guia do Produto: controlador de irrigação ICC2
ICC2 é um controlador comercial fácil de usar, confiável e com ótimo custo-benefício que irá te surpreender, assim como fez o seu famoso antecessor. O
Hunter ICV Valve with Filter Sentry™ Technology
The Hunter ICV series of irrigation valves is our top-of-the-line solution for high-pressure commercial systems. Constructed of glass-filled nylon to
Pro-Spray with FloGuard™: Save Water the Instant a Missing Nozzle is Detected
Pro-Spray with FloGuard™: Save Water the Instant a Missing Nozzle is Detected. In the event of a missing nozzle, FloGuard technology reduces the flow of
Hunter HPC-FP | HPC retro-fit panel for Pro-C controllers
The revolutionary HPC face panel brings the Pro-C controller that you know and trust into the world of Wi-Fi irrigation management — with no re
Comparando o Hydrawise com a competição
O futuro dos controladores de irrigação é agora, e é verdade que existem muitas opções para escolher. Ao comparar essas opções, as diferenças entre os
ICC2 Product Guide, IA Show
ICC2 is a value-packed, light-to-mid size commercial irrigation controller that delivers more than you expect, just like its famous predecessor. It is
ACC2 Controller Product Guide, IA Show
ACC2 is Hunter’s next-generation advanced commercial irrigation controller. ACC2 has a color user interface for many advanced flow management features
Pro-HC Wi-Fi Irrigation Controller Product Guide, IA Show
With all the features of the regular HC controller but with added durability and contractor friendly features, the Pro-HC controller is THE most durable
DUAL: Built To Save Installation Time and Money
Hunter Industries brings you DUAL, a two-wire decoder system to be used with the already popular I-Core controller at a breakthrough price point. Dual
Solar Sync Guia do Produto: Controlador Inteligente de um Jeito Fácil
The Hunter Solar Sync is a weather-based sensor that adjusts irrigation schedules based on daily weather conditions. Solar Sync saves water by adjusting
Soil-Clik: Guia do Produto
Hunter Industries' Soil-Clik senses moisture in the soil at the root level to ensure proper water application. This irrigation moisture sensor consists
Pro-Spray: Guia do Produto
The Pro-Spray Product Guide shows you everything you need to know about the Hunter Pro-Spray. We show you an overview of the Pro-Spray with all the
MP800SR: Guia do Produto
Hunter introduces the MP Rotator SR line. SR stands for short radius. Hunter's MP Rotators have revolutionized overhead irrigation by creating a
MP Rotator - Guia do Produto: Modelos e Distâncias
MP Rotator Product Guide
MP Rotator: Guia do Produto
Save water, save money with Hunter's MP Rotator. The revolutionary MP Rotator features a unique, multi-trajectory rotating stream delivery system that
Ferramentas Hunter: the Hunter Emitter Multi-Tool (HEMT)
Hunter offers a few tools to speed up your installation of emitters and drip tubing. This video shows you the Hunter Emitter Multi-Tool, HEMT (punches
Rotores Hunter: PGP, PGP-Ultra e I-20 são os Rotores de Maior Confiança do Mercado
Hunter Industries was built around the innovation of the PGP rotor, the industry's most reliable sprinkler. This video is an overview of Hunter residential and light commercial rotor.
Bocais Hunter: Guia do Produto
Hunter offers nozzles for almost any irrigation need. Hunter has a full line of fixed and adjustable nozzles, specialty nozzles, and the MP Rotator
Hunter Golfe Rotores TTS: Guia do Produto
This video introduces TTS (Total Top Service) golf rotors. Rich Dunn, Golf Product Manager, details the concepts behind the idea and why they are
Hunter Golfe - Golfe Show de 2015: Rotores TTS
Learn how to service all Hunter G Series Total Top Service TTS golf rotors without digging. Step-by-step demos show you how to disassemble and
Hunter Golfe - Golfe Show de 2015: Pilot Field Controller
Learn about the Hunter Pilot Field Controller, including the facepack display features, hardwired and radio communication options, an overview of the
Hunter Golfe - Golfe Show de 2015: Pilot Decoder Hub
This overview of the Hunter Golf Pilot Decoder Hub walks through the robust facepack features, including how you can manually enter irrigation programs
Hunter Golfe - Golfe Show de 2015: Pilot Central Control
This video provides an overview of the Hunter Golf Pilot Central Control Software with single-screen programming – an industry first. Learn how the