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Trailer do Programa Dreamscapes
Introducing an Original Web Series – Dreamscapes with Ahmed Hassan. Watch Hunter and FX Luminaire products transform a couple’s yard into a beautiful
Bocais para Hunter PGP Ultra e Rotores I-20: Guia do Produto
Learn how to choose the right nozzle for your irrigation plan. Take this video tour through Hunter’s rotor nozzle selections, learn more about the data
Senninger se une a Hunter
Senninger Irrigation joins Hunter Industries. This event marks an important milestone for the irrigation industries as Senninger Irrigation and Hunter
Reguladores de Pressão: Linha de Produtos
This Product Guide video is about installing Pressure Regulated Products to reduce the amount of water used on your site. Depending on your particular
Economize Água Adicionando Reguladores de Pressão
In this video from Hunter Industries, you'll learn how to achieve guaranteed water savings by using pressure regulation devices at the system, valve
Programa Dreamscapes: Hunter Ep3 Eco-Mat
In this video, see how the Hunter Eco-Mat subsurface irrigation solution helps conserve water in a small, irregular-shaped turf area. Learn how the Eco
Programa Dreamscapes: Hunter Ep2 PGP & I20
Watch this irrigation retrofit using Hunter PGP Ultra and I-20 rotors to cost-effectively irrigate a large turf area, eliminate dead spots, and cut
Programa Dreamscapes: Hunter Ep1 MP Rotator MP800
In this video, learn how Hunter’s MP800SR rotating sprinkler nozzle provides a water-saving solution for the irrigation challenges of this backyard in a
Depoimentos dos Prestadores de Serviços
Hunter: Uma História de Inovação
Hunter Industries began with a spark of innovation. We are Built on Innovation and will continue our founder’s legacy far into the future. We are that
Controlador HC Wi-Fi com Software Hydrawise: Guia do Produto
A Hunter acredita que o futuro da indústria da irrigação inclui controladores inteligentes fáceis de usar, oferecendo flexibilidade e novos recursos. A
MP Rotator da Hunter no programa do Science/Discovery “Machines: How They Work”
Hunter Industries was selected by the TV show "Machines: How they Work" to showcase our MP Rotator. We worked with them to film and develop an exciting
Economizando Água com Reguladores de Pressão
Learn about the water savings and efficiency gained by using properly pressure regulated spray bodies and rotors. Hunter offers the Hunter Pro-Spray®
Hunter Golfe: Uma Parceria de Confiança
Hunter Industries wants to be your first choice for irrigation products and we back it with our fantastic customer service and our second-to-none
Programação do Controlador HC Hydrawise sem Wi-Fi
This video shows how to program the HC Hydrawise compatible controller without Wi-Fi. Hunter’s new Wi-Fi-enabled HC irrigation controller allows for
Solar Sync: controle inteligente de fácil uso
A brief overview of how the Hunter Solar Sync works to convert most AC powered irrigation controllers to smart control. Learn why the Solar Sync saves
Rotores Hunter: o Jeito mais Eficiente de Regar Grandes Áreas
Learn why Hunter rotors are trusted by irrigation professionals worldwide. Learn more about the features of the flagship PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra, and I-20
Guia do produto: rotores Hunter série I
Learn about recent product improvements that raise the bar for durability and performance, and why there is no better commercial sprinkler than Hunter I
I-CORE: Guia do Produto
The Hunter I-CORE irrigation controller is an expandable high-end controller packed with valuable contractor-friendly features at a very affordable
NODE: ajustando o tempo de rega dos setores
To assign run times to the stations on your Node battery powered sprinkler clock, use the center button to scroll past the start time screen to the
NODE: horário de início da rega
An irrigation program is a group of stations that are set to water at the same time. To create a program on your Node battery operated sprinkler
NODE: desligado
To put the Node battery powered sprinkler timer in the off mode, use the center button to advance to the off screen and allow the controller to go to
X-Core: Guia do Produto
Learn more about the Hunter X-Core residential irrigation controller with up to 8 station capacity and water conservation features, including smart
NODE: Ajuste Sazonal
Another feature that the Node battery powered irrigation controller has is the seasonal adjustment option. To activate the seasonal adjustment, press