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Substituindo o Selo Vedante de um Rotor Hunter
One of the most common reasons for a sprinkler to start leaking between the pop-up riser assembly and the body cap while it is in operation is because
Instalando um Bocal em um Rotor Hunter
Installing a nozzle on a rotor is relatively easy. The procedure is the same for the PGJ, SRM, PGP-ADJ, PGP Ultra and I-20 rotors. This video will teach
Como Ajustar o Rotor da Hunter
Adjusting the arc and radius of a rotor is an easy task. Most residential rotors are adjusted the same way. There are two adjustments that can be made
Limpando o Filtro em Rotores Hunter
The most common reason for a sprinkler to stop rotating is the accumulation of debris in the filter. This video will teach you how to clean the filter
Rotores Hunter: Alinhamento da Parada pelo lado Direito
With a rotor tool, its easy to adjust the left stop, but ever wonder how to adjust the right stop after install? Hunter Technical Support will show you