Valves - Valve Not Opening

There are several reasons why a valve might not open. Please review the following checklist:

Water Turned Off

Insufficient Voltage

Clogged Solenoid Exhaust Ports

Water Turned Off


It is always a good idea to make sure the water supply to your irrigation system is on. Test the system manually at the valve location.

  1. Turn the solenoid (the black cylinder with 2 wires) counter-clockwise a ¼" to ½" turn.
  2. To shut off the valve, twist the solenoid clockwise until it is snug on the valve.
Insufficient Voltage


If the valve does not receive an appropriate level of voltage or the wire distance is too long, you may experience issues opening the valve.

  1. Check the voltage at the controller screw terminals for proper voltage of 24–28 VAC. Learn more
  2. Using the installed wire gauge size connected to the valve, review the maximum run in the chart compared to the actual install. For additional guidance, reference the wire sizing section here.
  3. If there are other valves within the box, swap the valve wires to a known operating valve to verify proper voltage.
Clogged Solenoid Exhaust Ports


There is an entry port from the valve upper chamber to the solenoid and an exhaust port from the solenoid to downstream in the valve. If either port gets clogged with debris, the valve may not open or open fully.

  1. Attempt to turn the valve On by using the external bleed screw. If it turns on, there may be a port issue.
  2. Shut Off the main water supply. Opening a valve under pressure is dangerous and you could be injured.
  3. Remove the Screws (captive bolts) located on top of the valve bonnet.
  4. Remove the Bonnet (top with a solenoid), Diaphragm, Spring, and Support Ring.
  5. Insert a thin piece of metal or 18 AWG (0.8 mm2) station wire (small paperclip size) through the Exhaust Port. This will flush out any leftover debris (Teflon, glue, dirt, etc.).
  6. Reinstall the Bonnet (top with a solenoid), Diaphragm, Spring, and Support Ring.
  7. Activate the valve Manually from the controller to test.
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