Valves - Flow Control Adjustment

Adjustment of Flow Control

The flow control knob works very similar to a hose bib or gate valve as its main function is to either fully allow or restrict the amount of water passing through the valve.

The main difference is that the flow control limits the diaphragm's stroke, allowing less water to pass. This, in turn, creates additional pressure loss, allowing you to “fine-tune” your sprinklers' performance. A fully open valve (4-5 full turns counterclockwise) might allow 75+ PSI to pass, which is too much for certain sprinklers like pop up sprays. The flow control would allow you to restrict the flow and pressure to a more manageable level. As you can see in this valve cutaway, the flow control literally rests upon the top of the diaphragm to control the stroke of the diaphragm.

Manual Operation
The valves utilize two manual operation methods–an internal manual bleed and an external manual bleed. To operate the valve manually, choose from either of the following procedures. Turn the solenoid ¼ turn counterclockwise or open the bleed screw ¼ turn. When using this method, you will see some water trickling from the bleed screw and this is normal). To stop manual operation, tighten either the solenoid or the bleed screw to its original position. The valve will close within 15 seconds.

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