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May 17, 2019

SP ERR or ERR Message CAUSE - Noise entering the controller through the “SmartPort” wiring or it is wired incorrectly. SOLUTION - A few steps are necessary to determine cause of “Err” message. 1. Check SmartPort® Wiring If the “Err” message is displayed without a device attached, check that SmartPort® wiring is correct. Make sure that the SmartPort wiring is not bundled with the field wiring. The white SmartPort® wire must be attached on the terminal next to the blue wire on the REM terminal, then red above ground. See illustration to the right. 2. Replace the SmartPort® The SmartPort® connector may be damaged. Replace the SmartPort®. 3. Check Device (Remote Receiver) If “Err” message occurs when device is plugged into the SmartPort® the device may have the wrong station count set or the device may be defective and should be replaced. Check the maximum station count setting on your hand-held remote. If you need a new SmartPort® or hand-held remote receiver, Hunter makes our products and replacement parts available through our network of authorized distributors. Please click on the link below to find an Authorized Hunter Distributor in your area.

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